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Yes there is even death. And the beds are now fully occupied. From his foule sweat, himselfe he so bestirres: Share your story! Current British poet laurate wrote a poem on the same theme see below. And drew rainbows all over her skin! Dad, we know you love Fido a lot, All Rights Reserved. Samaritan Center exists to help people cope, rebound, and heal from the unexpected difficulties life can bring. Now all's ship-shape, shiny and dressy! Family by my side, There once was a woman called Kay Yet, anger still consumed me, keeping me depressed and blue, We smiled and laughed and she was fine. Guns and tanks are tinker toys; It feels so detached; it's such a shame. I learned to read, I learned to write. No more shaking hands. Life has been completely D. Raab, We will get through the lockdown Here is a poem from an Irish Franciscan, Richard Hendrick, written March 13, 2020. /CS Simon Armitage, Lockdown. And so we are united, We wont compromise our fate to see a glowing nation without COVID-19 so stay safe, stay at home, we will see you soon. The "2.6 Challenge" in April 2020 encouraged us to do raise funds in support of British charities. Who awoke with a throbbing tick But this storm intolerable to weather. Stay safe and stay well. News Go forth into the burial-ground and find Dear ReaderThe Coronavirus pandemic made the summer of 2020 a horrible time for all of us. /Annots *There was a lady from sunny Bangkok Stay home: if you can My hair is like a thicket; 6 Nonsensical and noisy. When every corner is filled with gloom, Website: Click Here. But for now my weary body needs Weve made huge progress in the last twenty years on childrens rights and COVID-19 risks reversing this progress.. She danced all night One day we'll get that feeling - Read time 1 min. And gave them a time You know that deep down feeling Triumphant croaks aloud, and joyful claps Ask Mum for a generous sub Imploring you for a treat, Says stop tickling and dont be so silly. Fax: (206) 527-1009 The neighbours were treated only with what we could spare. There once was a man from Herne bay Then new wonders appeared before my eyes. When told to lockdown Stay home: thats the plan << Lockdown Limerick Poem by Jacob Start 03/07/2020 Jacob Start from Blackpool C of E Primary School has put together a poem titled Lockdown Limerick which resembles his thoughts during the lock down period. But blue and grey and clear. The man would say is busy spreading fliers with her number For there's one enemy we share. We must stand united in our hearts, To how little control we really have. He tells of Soup Dragon dispensing green soup But we can beat the invader Always at their beck and call, /Names Somehow, the world had passed me by. Then he did it again. Yes, the world's in bad shape, and yes, it's strange, I suspect Im not the only one to have lost my mind. Philip Freneau, Pestilence. They can be clever, naughty or topical and should give the listener or reader a smile or even a good belly laugh. A lump forms in the back of her throat. Watching the news Be in and not out T: 01242 236608 / E: office@PepUpTheDay.com. Not easy to work or to play With medals on their chests. 4 Should he be Number One ? That made us feel alive. The blossom will always grow. The Milkman and the Iceman had long since gone. If you enjoyed these love poems from lockdown, please consider sharing the post or subscribing to the blog. There was an old codger called Tom Dont give up hope, the end is in sight, Lockdown Poetry for our Sanity while Supporting Dementia. and impaled himself on a fork. ( G o o g l e) With an enemy that's unseen. Well surely remember this year, Old Mrs Mop who lives right next door I'm happy to not have gone back to those times. I also listed a charity in Bengal that readers could support.All three versions are on this website. They slither and hiss and slide. Whose nightie was hot pink and quite frilly But if we stick together, it can be enough. It is important for me/us to remember the world keeps moving, I hope it can help others. And the drinking of wine became rife. << Hygiene is our only shield And spread blessings along the way, So one big advantage of Zoom He said 'meet me at mine, And luckier than some. Or the chance to win a boat Stitching a mask today out of an old bath gown. The worries of the last few weeks Of times gone before, Hoping for When he said "Yes" - for the NHS Im embarrassed, I cant do these sums. We always had before. And we'll be smiling face to face. It can unite us too, our fear. And our friends we must rely on Im afraid that my family and friends will get sick. Corona filled the empty space. Win Clangers Clanger ChunkiChilli By showing love to all, we cannot fall short. When they realised it was in fact Tizer, Livid in covid There will be days I cannot smile, Alone we all sat, windows locked and shutter'd, If we all keep our hands squeaky clean. He was such a good walker - in fact a real "corker" The question is, comes a catastrophe and of course we should try to overcome it by all means. Doing nothing but chores Now they bake ALL the bread She wanted to go out to and fro. It's time we got rid of this clown. They can close bars, concert halls and barbershops. he said Yes, all the time who watched bands so they didn't have to talk Just clear up the space And some lipstick to add va va voom. I saw the news today >> Rainbow string soup was the best, It's timely, playful, and totally relatable. And flouting grin, emphatically scornful. I'm busy doing nothing So here they are. Is totally disgraceful and incredibly mean. Yet to cross our path. Life has become cushy We find it hard to eat, street children, poor homes, suffering, fending for themselves Breathe in the air around us. So if there's something we should take, And, lordly, tramples on distress in anguish. Why won't it go away? stream Across much of the globe, the frantic pace and headlong industry of life have been forcibly slowed. Have only just begun. We bought it before we heard that Michael Palin was sending a copy for the winner - so we thought we would give it as a runner up prize), We know that the lockdown is tough, Please won't you call him on the phone. He admired his wife for her wits. Who our lives we have bequest. so stay safe by adhering to the preventative measures, each day will pass, we will walk together There was a recluse of Verona At least four inches wide. Lord, have mercy on us! The arrogant prick Brighter days will follow. For just driving straightforward might be my way out. I don't - I make a coffee We are going through unprecedented times and situations. LOCKDOWN LIMERICKS . So we can meet again some day Live life for those who guided us, Now, youll be among the first to know how Save the Children is responding to the most urgent needs of children, every day and in times of crisisand how your support can make a difference. 7 So he drove a long way So will give this fun competition a Whirl. But I'm here to relieve stress and strife. There was an old granny from Montrose. With no one to talk to Its like a little quarantine pardon. I think they must be huge, Found her social life suddenly stood still Not all were limericks either. Dead men to the grave-yards going: I'm really enjoying a lie-in, all music did cease, all performance unclapped. That's so lovely of you to leave a comment. You right wing racist!". Its a BAD case of Limerickitis.. And do as we are asked I may not be happy with this relationship right now, but I'm happy to have someone. The Government not providing ppe for the nhs, Across much of the globe, the frantic pace and headlong industry of life have been forcibly slowed. 0 0 Feeling anxiety, fear, and seeing massive condemnation, A brave nurse, that she is, A role that couldn't be compared to any amount of wealth. Where they all like my face She wants to make love, I crawled, I stood on wobbly legs, Contact Information: Baking was done, A poem for England titled "Lockdown Lines" has been written by poet and broadcaster Ian McMillan. Were so, so exciting - Im still going to go His cumberland was thick She has got quite good at making lots of bread pud 8 A dashing young chap called Tom Moore Suddenly, and abruptly I felt peace, and it was oh so serene. To hear some new views 0 Laura Kelly Fanucci, When This Is Over. And spreads th infectious influence oer his fame! She's weakened my loyal resistance ! You follow them, fools!" But I am a bookish nerd. Now Im old, as you see, endobj The plague full swift goes by; Its been claimed that Kathleen OMeara wrote it in 1869 following the devastating Irish famine of the mid-nineteenth century. So, drive through the forest I go, I began to see green. Are to do what I say So he didnt need the help of a medic, She reached for the gin But one caller, Peter from Glen Iris, sent Ross and John a limerick about coronavirus and next thing they knew, their inbox was buzzing! A virus with a smiling heart of stone. % Stuck in the house His spirit matters little: many dead Try to be of good cheer I hope that this ends so I can go back to seeing my friends. But what we don't see So we pray and we remember that The poem celebrates thousands of "tiny local kindnesses". So for fun read Pep up the Day. Caroline Collingridge, Staying In. To pep up our days But this I know is true. Social distancings more fun than talking, There once was a woman called Faye If we pause, take a moment, and cherish our gifts. While feeling quite rude Love poems from lockdown: A work of fiction The coronavirus pandemic has provided so many unlikely opportunities for inner reflection and self-improvement. Freedom On today's #One2ThreeShow The Poetry Podcast features a couple of lockdown limericks.. There's also new music from THE ANCHORESS, Ben Howard, Imelda May, Noel Gallagher, RONNIE WOOD, TOM JONES, BABY QUEEN, A CAUSE IN DISTRESS, Taylor Swift, WEEZER & more, plus Mark Searby's in for film . No, it isnt a flare of arthritis. Give light to all the darker moments They look at you with greedy eyes, Yes there is sickness. She tried so hard to hold together, Im not trying to shirk, Went into this with to-do lists ready, Challenges, recipes, meditating and steady. Whilst not technically the most brilliant poem, Freneaus Pestilence does pay tribute to the horror of the disease as it ravaged the new American city: Hot, dry winds forever blowing, O'Rourke is a poet, essayist, and memoirist who was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1976. I just want to be on the cliff at Tintagel. The spring was a ghost, as winter wither'd away. A year-by-year look at how 12 years of war in Syria has had a devastating impact on children's education, mental health and childhood. And the public matched each by their generous pound There are no neutral zones. When I wrote the poem, I certainly didn't think we'd still be going through it. Im looking forward to getting away, In the isolated crowd. Eating pudding from a can It became a story that had to be told! Email A great big thank to all National Health Staff The numbers keep on climbing. He deserves more than the news on a screen Touched by the poem? Sent in by caroline. She became a hand sanitiser entrepreneur Each one faced with the unknown, Protect us, Lord, and send your healing, The very next day A Limerick is: - A five line poem - Normally humorous/funny - Follows the rhyming pattern AABBA - Usually starts with 'There once was a .' - Lines 1, 2 and 5 - have the same amount of syllables (usually 7-10) - Lines 3 and 4 have the same syllables (between 5-7) Many chose to do physical things to raise money. Sickness, hatred, and fear, When Gran got her shielding letter But she went insane way back in May, There was a young man called Palin By Susan - We really enjoyed the last line in particular. Were fighting a deadly pandemic Filled with wonders I neither knew nor learned: When post-plague world was fine Determined to keep herself slim. For let's face it, we need more lerts!!! Once, we used to live well. In high redundance of Typhonic rage, Blue string "We're all in the same boat," For all types of virus that spurt Shops will open, buzzing again. I miss playing with my friends at school. Now I've got the answer you all, Which will be seen near my face Yes, Lord, we are begging you hand in hand. One thing is to be done; one thing is clear: and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary Meant I had so much fun Which contributed to their sad ends. And the rot in our teeth was so sad. Funeral verses; 9 Promising with every call, There is a forest on my head. Who walked to the shops on their stilts, Wondering on She anxiously gazes back at her family Today, breathe. So I can find the brighter days To every volunteer coming forward like they have. The end is coming Who went crying back to his mom Frustrated by her growing dependency. 0 I don't know how I'm feeling. We need to be patient; we need to be kind. When all this ends, I will go to the park to skate. Granted a tiny fraction of her final days, Gave him the blues Never have we craved intimacy so intensely, so desperately. I look just like a Yeti! But there's no use holding back; Steams from th infernal furnace, hot and fierce, All over the place Seattle, WA98115 Ross and Russel. Board games were won Now I see people with face masks and few cars so that those who are alone Washed her hands all the time It was concocted by our pets, Design by, Serious Limericks: There once was an unsmiling rhymer, The 12 Ways of Christmas: A song of multiculti celebration, Melodious Limericks about Classical Music. And lasted all night Cooped up like a chicken in a cage. *There was a lady from Tore >> She tried to write rhymes Some of the poems were funny and some were not. Became telly and Merlot, Hold onto that feeling. . Today, we are forced to remain confined to our home. Just sitting on From the noses of strangers The lovely young maiden Miss Vickers, I went to do some shopping. Both young and old must be prepared John Davies, from The Triumph of Death. They say that after just a few weeks of quiet Locked in our homes, to weather this storm. To convey what lies inside. Bens six, hell think his Dads dumb. I just want to be a good friend. that today more than yesterday, remind me of its purity He moaned and he frowned And because it's leap year, How she cussed, that VA stuck in lockdown! Jayne Cortez, There It Is. Here is Val reading her winning limerick for us all to enjoy Anne wins a copy of A Sackful of Limericks by Michael Palin (sorry it isn't signed! A moment alone or with people you love, << Very emotional and very touching! And now if you look Take 30 seconds, be still in your mind; Was it no? Alone, but well-fed, You can hear the birds again. /MediaBox Then made my way east like a Philistine priest, and all I was sayin was give Greece a chance. Skulking in your man- cave, Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound. No family/friends meeting Our cushions upon >> So grateful, happy and so sad The African-American poet, publisher, activist, and performance artist Jayne Cortez (1934-2012) writes powerfully here about the importance of resistance, and although the resistance she argues for is political rather than biological, her poem contains the resonant words They will spray you with / a virus of legionnaires disease / fill your nostrils with / the swine flu of their arrogance Although this reference to swine flu gives the poem a twenty-first-century feel, it was actually published back in the early 1980s. To bless her children with the feast of death! To what really matters. Of joy, of loss, of pain, I'm a tutor, and I'm looking for great examples of poetry written by kids. Snakes are in the undergrowth. We all share the beautiful sky high above. Five months without physical contact, without a kiss. 1. By signing up to receive emails from Save the Children you will receive a subscription to our monthly eNews, access to breaking emergency alerts and opportunities to get involved. Which considerably raised my esteem. /Length Shout at your spouse I awoke to a pestilence, a pandemic across the nations, Gradually managing to achieve those high kicks. The 2.6 Challenge in April 2020 encouraged us to do raise funds in support of British charities.Many chose to do physical things to raise money. keeping their windows open I thought I best stay unseen Of mockery and derision: adding, sly, Were delighted to be the first to publish this poem, written in early April 2020, by Caroline Collingridge, who also very kindly pointed us in the direction of a number of the poems already mentioned in this post on plague poems. So here we sit, alone, and wait poems for April 13, 14, and 15complete set can be found at my blog, https://theworldacordingtocosmos.com complete with audio and photo clips, Though movement seems down, things seems to run down, even fun seems down yet we're not down(hopeless/discouraged). Two poems eyeing on the current lockdown phenomena from a different perspective. Continuing my drive, just the earth and me, Days will get longer. And do P.E. The love, the sadness and the hurt. Collingridges poem deftly captures the uncertainty of living under lockdown during a pandemic, and the attendant need to change ones perspective as well as ones daily routine (the waiting, and the looking for something to do). Yes there is fear. You put our health at risk and our education has been halted by you I hoboed in Portugal, feasted in France. Because I just wanted to say A Capuchin Franciscan Brother Richard Hendrick's poem "Lockdown" has gone viral and this St. Patrick's Day we can see why. To date we have been in lockdown for six weeks, and since early January life has changed beyond all recognition. The Organ Grinder and his dancing Monk, But boy this thing is tough. Thanks to those who care Our pets are now teaching us in so many ways! Room at so much a pitful for so many. ByThe Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, There was a young lady called Mary Bringing within But not all is bad Because he is a selfish and arrogant pr@k, If lockdown is making you blue Our casualties of war. The sky is no longer thick with fumes Lord, have mercy on us! Share your story! Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic Each female basilisk with forky sting, And network shows about crime You all have a part of our hearts, are in every prayer we make. But with Covid we don't have a chance, Have been in lock down forever its seems But there does not have to be hate. Stewart Harris - Very poignant and intelligent entry. Nor less th insidious knave, supremely dull! Her lips are actually trembling, you know, And behind me you always hide your smile. With me I took no maps, nor did I take a known route, Behold Affection haste with panting breath, the rest swelter in grace You can open them by clicking on the icons below. 'Oh, how I miss my bed!'. He walked to support our Doctors and Nurses I saw you from across the street and smiled at you from under my mask.You looked ravishing in that snug-fit sweaterand your freshly-coiffed hair.Like the goddess of a small town. With little to do or to say Cast out your dead! the carcase-carrier cries, This was a lovely poem. Many chose to do physical things to raise money. on tour Thank god for Facebook and Zoom, There was a quiet woman from Dorking I went to the library last monthand borrowed every book they hadon the subject of human sensuality.I read them one by onefrom front to back.And still you were not impressed.You said I lacked spontaneity.So I looked to the appendixwhere they suggested Iwrite you a love poem. I hope he has a machete. Main Office WINNER. Reflect on a happy, most memorable time. But remember this too, from monty python The sizzling buns with slabs of meat, All teaching is strictly taboo. He tried his hand shearing Who awoke with a throbbing nightstick But Cummings said no 0 I was driving home after a fight with my boyfriend. WE ENJOYED READING EVERY SINGLE ONE! I don't know how I'm feeling.

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